Road Legal ATVs

Having Fun With A Street Legal ATV

The popularity and widespread use of a road legal ATV has continually grown in recent years. These all terrain vehicles are characterized by its small size, low pressure tires, and single-seating capacity. These ATVs are designed for rough terrains, and with its four wheels and handlebars for steering control, they are ideal for off-road sports and recreation. Three wheeler ATVs are also being marketed to the public, especially those manufactured by Honda.


What Are Road Legal ATVs?

For many ATV fans, it can be difficult finding a street legal ATV. Most all terrain vehicles sold in stores nowadays are not designed to be safe enough for highway use. This is because most ATVs are created to be used for trails, muddy roads, and earthy tracks. In order to be road legal, ATVs need to be certified safe for highway use.

However, if you want to use these vehicles on the highway, you have to get a road legal ATV model. If the ATV you have purchase is not road legal, then you need to steer clear of roadways and highways. Driving typical non-street legal ATVs on the road is illegal and is frowned upon by authorities. Thus, you need to use your all terrain vehicle on the designated areas and away from common roadways. Most of these road legal quads can be used within woods, on sandy and rocky beaches, stony paths, and rough road trails. Street legal ATVs are also commonly used in agricultural lands since they are light on the soil but have just the right level of speed.

Buying Cheap Street Legal ATVs

There are manufacturers nowadays which offer street legal ATVs at a reasonable price. It is important to check the viability of the manufacturer, and to check if the ATV models they are selling are actually made for highway driving. If you are handy with tools and wrenches, you can devise your own road legal quad bike, and have the vehicle registered to be safe for highway use by the right authorities.

Most ATVs are built for sport racing however, and the focus of these models tends to lean towards power, speed, and performance, rather than function. It is necessary for sporty all terrain vehicles to be lightweight and equipped with excellent suspension and control. Other than sports, many people use ATVs for transportation and leisure. These road legal bikes can also be used by the police force for patrol purposes and by lifeguards in public beaches and resorts.

It is important to remember that a street legal ATV can be truly legal only if it conforms to the requirements of the Transportation office and if the owner is able to acquire the needed registration certifications. Most street legal motorbikes need to be equipped with taillights, headlights, rear view mirrors and brake lights. These road-legal ATVs also need to have a seating capacity of more than one. Since legal requirements differ from one state to another, you need to verify whether you have fully passed the requirements in your own state or country. A road legal ATV or street legal dirt bike can be an excellent means of transportation and recreation for anyone, when conformed to the right rules and regulations.

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